Testing Leaders
Nuclear Ingenieria provides a complete and specialized attention for the area of NDT Nondestructive Test in Mexico and South America, this specialized attention consist in supply products and services on their broad variety of techniques, providing to our customers internationally recognized brands. Our products are well known for their quality, reliability and advanced technology.

We provide training in the area of radiation safety and NDT techniques, taught by fully qualified and certified instructors by national and international government agencies.
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Certificacion ante la C.N.S.N.S.
Del 23 de febrero al 13 de marzo de 2015
Our services and products are part of a complete attention to make possible the finest Inspection and Testing for Industries and fields such as Metal-Mechanical, Petrochemical, Automotive, Power Plants, Construction, Manufacturing & Ceramics, among others.

The tendency to increase regulations for handling radioactive materials give as result the need to comply fully with the requirements and requests of the authority. We offer specialized consulting for different procedures, in an advisory or manager capacity, ensuring a total confidentiality and reliability consulting.
  Social and Environmental Responsibility  
We are a company committed to sustainable development and aware of the global needs to preserve the environment; therefore promote among our staff, actions to improve the environment and responsible natural resource use and carry out reforestation campaigns and recycling to reduce our environmental footprint.