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Nuclear Ingenieria provides products and services implemented in NDT Non Destructive Testing.

Our Company
Nuclear Ingenieria was founded in 2002, with the firm objective of being a competitive company in the growing complexity of mechanical metal environment, fully satisfying the needs of our customers and offering the best solutions to your needs.

In Search of Excellence, the company has managed to evolve and diversify in a timely manner, to cleave the necessary resources to obtain necessary governmental permits and licenses, as well as representations that the market of NDT demand

Nuclear Ingenieria has adopted the commitment to be the representative of national and internationally recognized brands, ensuring the reliability and quality of our products to perform NDT.

We have achieved sustained growth, contributing to the creation of a fair and competitive market, improving the benefit of consumers in terms of quality, price and service.
Satisfy the needs of our customers in the market NDT through internationally recognized brands for their high specialization in the field as well as providing adequate, sufficient and effective services and products, through a team of qualified professionals with extensive experience solidly theoretical-practical to ensure reliability in our services.
Be the leader supplier and most trusted in market for NDT and derivatives in Mexico and south america as well as seek comprehensive and continuous development of customers, employees and society.
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  Social and Environmental Responsibility  
We are a company committed to sustainable development and aware of the global needs to preserve the environment; therefore promote among our staff, actions to improve the environment and responsible natural resource use and carry out reforestation campaigns and recycling to reduce our environmental footprint.