Nondestructive Testing Services

Testing and nondestructive testing, liquid penetrant, ionizing radiation, industrial radiography, magnetic particules.

We are an organization certified, honest and committed with the interests of our clients , we guarantee that our services and products are submitted to an efficient quality control.
We commit fully to make accurate diagnoses in the field of Non-Destructive Testing and testing such as industrial radiography , ultrasound, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant.
We have over 25 years of experience thanks to this we can offer services of excellent quality in the field of Non-Destructive Testing.
Technical Services
Calibration, maintenance and repair are some of our most recognized services because their superior reliability, and the most qualified service personnel in the area industrial and medical
Calibration and maintenance
Repair and spare parts
Lab Tests
Our Laboratory Testing, ranging from Industrial radiography, penetrant liquids, Eddy Currents are made under strict security methods and equipment of great renown and quality.
Eddy currents
Liquid penetrant
Magnetic particles
Other Services
We have the most innovative services in the field of NDT, such as:
Leak Test
Transport of Radioactive Material
Import of Radioactive Sources
  Social and Environmental Responsibility  
We are a company committed to sustainable development and aware of the global needs to preserve the environment; therefore promote among our staff, actions to improve the environment and responsible natural resource use and carry out reforestation campaigns and recycling to reduce our environmental footprint.